The Sophia Century And Creating A New World

Art by Autumn Sky
  • What is Sophia Century and why is it so important now
  • How women’s leadership will transform the world

2020 has been a completely bizarre year, with lots of interruptions globally. Almost all human systems are broken down and everything starts to disintegrate and fall apart, whether it is our healthcare system, political system, educational systems or economy as well as societal conditioning with respect to race and gender inequality.

We are in an extra-ordinary era in which women are mostly needed to take full power and realize their feminine energy and make positive changes to the world.

With Covid and global pandemic, we are all forced to shelter in and go inside physically, emotionally and spiritually. In a way maybe more than ever, we are invited to go home, to our body, and to our souls. It’s especially important for women, because we have been dropped into our hearts more than ever. Everything around us is disrupted and we either are forced or have chosen to stay home and fully engaged with our own self. Though the impact and the message of the pandemic could be painful, difficult, challenging and confronting, at the same time it can be positive and make ground for transformation in our lives and in our world.

It even feels like we have been asked by mother nature to not only see what’s really falling apart is the patriarchy, colonialism and white-supremacy and dominance of power and wars, but also stop, pause, reflect, and even more to transform, re-create and heal in a way.

As inspiring Valarie Kaur says in her Ted Talk: it looks like now we are in the tomb, but actually we are in the womb. We are rebirthing civilization, we are pregnant with the birth of a new way of being.

The role that we as women play is to;

  • Unite, gather, nurture, love, breath and push!
  • Continue the practice of being PEACEFUL by being present to the experience of darkness and difficult times.
  • Continue the practice of creating the possibility of having INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE, LOVE in doing what we believe can change our life and world to a better place.

I love this quote by Robert Powell from The Sophia Teachings: The Emergence of the Divine Feminine in Our Time — “This is the threshold in time that we have reached now at the beginning of the twenty-first century, when a new inflowing of the Divine Feminine is taking place. Divine Sophia can speak to us again in a new way but on a higher level than in antiquity when she was, in her ageless wisdom, the comforter and caring mother of humanity. In our modern times her guiding influence will redress the imbalance caused by the one-sided rational and scientific development, and offer the possibility of bringing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into balance within each human being.The great promise of our time is that, with our cooperation, Divine Sophia will be the guiding power and inspiration for the next major transition in humanity’s evolution.”

Inspired by Lynne Twist and Valarie Kaur, and Robert Powell

Good read: The underlying principles of patriarchy are separation and control.

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